Almost all our customs declarations in the European Union are produced electronically. With our advanced software systems importing and exporting your goods is fast, easy and flexible. Each EU country has a different customs declaration programme. In Germany we use ATLAS, in the Netherlands AGS and in Belgium PLDA.

Customs clearance

We can carry out the following customs formalities for you:

  • Electronic customs declarations in ATLAS, PLDA and AGS
  • Electronic NCTS transit documents
  • Electronic AES export declaration
  • Monthly credit for import duties and other charges.
  • Customs bonded warehouse
  • Inward and outward processing
  • Authorised consignee
  • Authorised consignor
  • Application for import permits, surveillance documents and import licences
  • Application for ZAPP numbers (export via Hamburg)
  • Application for BHT numbers (export via Bremerhaven)
  • Neutralization of goods