About Compass

We can keep your costs down by aligning your customs-related matters with your logistic process. One of our great strengths is the increasingly innovative automation, while on the other hand, we attach great importance to personal contact with our customers.


As a member of the Gaston Schul Group, with offices in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, Compass Customs has been AEO certified by the customs authorities.

Compass Spedition GmbH – AEO Certificate No. DE AEOC 101617 valid from 12-02-2010
Gaston-Schul B.V. – NL AEOC 0000553 – from 26 February 2010
Gaston Schul Customs B.V. – NL AEOC 0000554 – from 26 February 2010
Gaston Schul NV Hoogstraten – BE AEOC 0000159 GDA – since 25 November 2013
Compas BVBA Antwerp – AEO Certificate No. BE AEOC 0000051 GDA valid from 24-12-2010


As holder of the AEO certificate the customs authorities grant us certain advantages:

●      fewer physical and document inspections

●      priority if your company is selected for inspection

●      it is possible in some countries, on request, that the inspection is carried out at a specific location and previously checked criteria do not need to be verified in case of a subsequent application for a customs declaration.


Holders of a ‘Security’ certificate and the combined certificate ‘Customs Simplification and Security’ also have the following advantages:

●      prior notification of inspections

●      less information required in the summary declaration

●      recognition of AEO Security Certification by other countries (outside the EU)



Compass Spedition GmbH was founded in Emmerich in 1993. The number of employees increased during the first three years from 11 to 20. In 1999, the office building on Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse in Emmerich, along with the 660m² warehouse, were put into service as the head office. A branch was opened in Duisburg in the same year and a branch in Hamburg followed in 2003. The electronic declaration system ATLAS was implemented in 2003.

The office in Antwerp was opened in 2006, followed by an office in Rotterdam in 2008. The warehouse on Rudolf-Diesel-Straße was extended by 750m² in 2009. In January 2010 we officially became affiliated with FENEX. Not long afterwards the customs authorities granted us the AEO certification.

The merger with Gaston Schul in 2015 gives us a strong position in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. The branches in Rotterdam and Antwerp will continue under the name of Gaston Schul. In Germany, the name remains Compass Customs. We have all the customs authorizations required in these three countries. More than 250 employees work in our 18 offices. Our customers can make use of global customs formalities and expertise.